Top 5 Types of Shareable Content

Daniel Gallagher

April 14, 2023

As you create content, consider the content types most likely to get shared online. Here are the top 5 types of Shareable content:

Educational and inspiring content is the most famous content type shared online. However, entertainment is also an essential factor to consider when creating shareable content.

Blog Posts

Blogging is a form of online publishing where individuals or groups create a series of entries called posts. These can be about any subject, including their work or hobbies, pets, social issues, or news.

A blog is typically written in a conversational tone rather than an academic one. This allows a writer to express themselves more freely and have fun.

People share content for various reasons, but it often speaks to who they are and affirms their beliefs. It also entertains and delights or provokes and angers them.

To make your content more shareable, consider using keywords relevant to the topic you are writing about and include them in your title, headings, and meta description. This will help searchers find your blog post and increase your website traffic.


Infographics are a great way to present complex information clearly and easily. They are often more engaging than written copy and are easily shared on social media.

When creating an infographic, choose relevant topics for your audience and make them visually appealing. They should also be based on recent data and should not contain misinformation.

Using infographics as Shareable content can help you boost organic SEO. This is because people are likelier to link to content they like, and infographics have a higher capacity for virality than ordinary text content.


Video content is a great way to convey information, protect your brand, and transmit values. It is essential for businesses since videos can be viewed anytime and anywhere.

Online video viewing has grown to eat into the total time Americans spend watching television. That means your business needs a good video management solution to support your internal and external collaboration and learning needs.

A key question for any video platform is whether it can provide the right security features to protect private content at scale. For example, if your organization produces videos covering sensitive information, you probably need to ensure that only the intended recipients can access them.


Images are a great way to communicate information and get your message across. But they also have to be credited appropriately when used in your content.

Luckily, with image streaming, you can attach uneditable metadata, captions, and attribution to each image – these stay with the image wherever it’s embedded.

Another thing to remember is that any image you use should have an alt (alternative) text. This is a vital part of helping screen readers read your site. It should include the content and function of the image you’re using and the best way to link it.


Quotes are a great way to share an idea or perspective that you find interesting. They can also help to build trust and establish credibility in your brand.

A quote is a group of words or phrases taken from a written work or a speech and used to communicate an idea or concept. They’re usually placed in quotation marks and attributed to the person or source that wrote them.

Quotes are a form of text often shared on social media, but they can be hard to track later on. Facebook is now trying to address this issue by introducing quote sharing, which allows users to share quotes within their status updates.